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Adventurous proposals in Venice

Propose on an adventurous journey, amidst the breathtaking landscapes of a Venetian canal.

An adventurous proposal in Venice

Organizing an adventurous proposal in Venice promises to infuse your love story with unparalleled excitement and charm. Amidst the labyrinthine canals and historic architecture, Venice offers a backdrop ripe for exploration and adventure. 

Embarking on a thrilling journey through the city’s hidden gems and lesser-known corners allows you to create a truly unique and unforgettable proposal experience. Whether it’s navigating the maze-like alleyways hand in hand, discovering secret gardens tucked away from the bustling crowds, or embarking on a daring gondola ride through the city’s waterways, Venice provides countless opportunities for adventure-seeking couples to forge lasting memories together. 

Your proposal in Italian bridges

For adventurous souls planning a proposal in Venice as foreigners, embracing the city’s hidden treasures and off-the-beaten-path experiences is key to crafting an unforgettable moment. Seek out unique adventures such as kayaking through the city’s tranquil canals or embarking on a thrilling rooftop tour for panoramic views of the stunning Venetian skyline. 

Consider hiring a local guide who can lead you on a personalized journey, revealing hidden gems and sharing insider tips along the way. Choose a spot off the typical tourist route, perhaps a secluded canal bridge adorned with Venetian graffiti or a tranquil square tucked away from the crowds, as the backdrop for your proposal. Infuse your adventurous spirit into the proposal itself, whether it’s by incorporating a surprise element like a spontaneous street performance or arranging for a private boat ride to a picturesque island for a romantic picnic. 


Venetian Bridge

Savor an unconventional marriage proposal on a picturesque Venetian bridge embellished for the occasion. Utilize a bespoke arrangement with surprises.

In a Riva boat

Make your request in Venice aboard a mythical and typically Italian boat. Make a proposal worthy of the movies, in luxurious, warm surroundings.

Private gondola

Embark on a romantic gondola voyage for your proposal amidst Venice’s enchanting ambiance. Secure your bespoke experience today.

Venitian peniche

Enjoy a ride on a typical Venetian Peniche and make your proposal in a warm, romantic setting, in the middle of a sunset over the city.

Venice docks

Propose with breathtaking views of Venice from a romantic setting. Customize the moment with decoration, musician and many other surprises.