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Atypical proposals in Venice

Amidst the city lights, propose in an atypical setting that defies the ordinary. 

Atypical proposal in Venice

Embark on the extraordinary journey of organizing an atypical proposal, transcending the ordinary. Picture a moment that defies norms, shaping your unconventional love story against a backdrop of uniqueness.

Consider proposing in unexpected settings, away from the usual scenes. Be it an art gallery, a hidden garden, or an unconventional urban space, we have the expertise to turn your distinctive vision into reality.

In the realm of atypical proposals, let us guide you, ensuring your unique love story unfolds in a way that surpasses expectations and becomes a truly one-of-a-kind chapter in your journey.

For a atypical proposal in Italy

Embark on an extraordinary journey planning an atypical proposal in Italy. Picture proposing amidst Tuscany’s vineyards or against ancient ruins, considering every detail for an exceptional experience. Imagine a private gondola ride in Venice or a hot air balloon over picturesque landscapes. Our Italy-based proposal planners specialize in turning unique visions into reality, coordinating venues, surprise elements, and flawless execution.

Whether you envision opulence or simplicity, from historic castles to charming coastal villages, our planners cater to diverse preferences and budgets. No idea is too extraordinary when expressing love in this romantic setting. Experts in crafting private and romantic proposals, our planners are ready to bring your dream to life.

As you venture into atypical proposals in Italy, let each moment be a unique chapter in your love story, reflecting the timeless charm of the country.


Hidden Library

Explore a secret Venetian library with your partner. Uncover a custom book that unfolds into a proposal, creating an intellectual and unexpected atmosphere.

Hot Air Balloon

Soar above Venice in a hot air balloon during sunrise or sunset. Propose with the cityscape and waterways below, adding an adventurous twist to your engagement.

Murano Glassblowing

Arrange a private glassblowing session on Murano. Create a unique glass piece together, and within the molten glass, reveal the engagement ring.

Venetian Masked Ball

Attend a private masked ball in a historic Venetian palace. Amidst the revelry, reveal your identity and propose, adding an element of mystery.

Bioluminescent Lagoon

Experience a private boat tour through the bioluminescent waters of the Venetian Lagoon. Propose under the surreal glow, surrounded by nature’s enchanting light.