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Proposals on the quays of Venice

Propose on the Quay of Venice. Capture romance in this unique proposal plan by the canal.

Propose on the quays of Venice

Proposing on the quay of Venice offers a unique and unforgettable experience steeped in romance and charm. The quayside of Venice, with its picturesque canals and historic bridges, provides a stunning backdrop for professing your love. Surrounded by the timeless beauty of the city’s architecture and the gentle lapping of the water against ancient stone, every moment becomes imbued with a sense of magic and intimacy. Additionally, the quay offers a more private and tranquil setting compared to some of the busier tourist spots, allowing you and your partner to savor the moment in a serene atmosphere. Whether it’s the soft glow of lanterns reflecting off the water or the distant melodies of passing gondoliers, proposing on the quay of Venice promises to be an unforgettable declaration of love amidst one of the world’s most enchanting settings.

Your proposal in typical Italian bridge

As a foreigner planning to propose on the quay of Venice, it’s essential to consider a few key steps to ensure a seamless and memorable experience. Firstly, familiarize yourself with the area and its customs by doing thorough research on the best spots along the quay for your proposal. Consider factors such as crowd levels, lighting, and accessibility to make an informed decision. Next, enlist the help of local professionals or resources, such as event planners or tour guides, who can offer invaluable insights and assistance in arranging logistics, securing permits if needed, and navigating any language barriers. It’s also crucial to plan ahead and book any necessary accommodations, transportation, or special experiences well in advance to avoid last-minute stress. Additionally, embrace the opportunity to incorporate elements of Venetian culture into your proposal, whether it’s through traditional music, cuisine, or a romantic gondola ride along the canals. 


Banks terrace

Elevate your wedding with exclusive Venice activities on a private terrace, crafting unforgettable moments with panoramic views and tailored experiences.

Floating Lanterns

Release floating lanterns from a boat near Ponte della Paglia, creating a mesmerizing scene on the water. Propose on the most iconic bridge of Venice, with magic.

Romantic Picnic

Arrange an exclusive picnic by Ponte della Paglia, featuring gourmet delights and champagne. Elevate your experience with Italian Picnic’s luxury proposal.

Venice docks

Propose with breathtaking views of Venice from a romantic setting. Customize the moment with decoration, musician and many other surprises.

Moonlit Gondola

Glide through the canals near Ponte della Paglia on a private gondola. Under the moonlight, propose surrounded by the magical ambiance of Venice.