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Public proposals in Venice

In the heart of the city, under city lights, declare your love for a lifetime. A public proposal, a moment etched in shared joy.

A public proposal in Venice

When it comes to public proposals, the challenge lies in crafting a moment that is both grand and intimate, capturing the essence of your unique love story amidst the bustling energy of a public setting. Picture proposing in a vibrant city square or a lively park, where the backdrop of the urban landscape becomes a part of your narrative.

Crafting a public proposal involves meticulous planning to create an experience that stands out in the midst of the public eye. Our team of proposal specialists excels in curating extraordinary moments that unfold in the open, ensuring that your declaration of love becomes a spectacle of shared joy. From coordinating surprise elements to choosing the perfect public venue, we strive to make your public proposal a celebration that echoes your love for all to witness. Let us transform your atypical proposal idea into a beautiful reality, where the public setting becomes a canvas for your love story to unfold uniquely and memorably.

Organize a romantic public proposal

Organizing a public wedding proposal requires meticulous planning for a memorable experience. Choose a meaningful venue like a park or landmark, aligning with your partner’s preferences. Secure permits and enlist a proposal planner or friends for coordination. Rehearse any creative elements like flash mobs, considering timing and lighting for maximum impact. Capture the moment discreetly with a photographer or involve friends for documentation. Personalize with signs or symbols, utilizing the public space creatively. Communicate with authorities for a smooth experience, addressing crowd control if needed. Celebrate post-proposal with a toast or small gathering, adding surprise elements if the venue allows. Tailor the experience to your unique love story for a cherished, unforgettable moment.


Street Art Venice

Enlist a local street artist to create a public mural depicting your love story. Propose in front of the vibrant artwork, engaging in your unique declaration of love.

Floating Message

Release a series of sealed messages into the canals, each detailing a special moment. The last bottle contains your proposal, creating an unexpected proposal.

Flash Mob Proposal

Organize a surprise flash mob in Piazza San Marco, with dancers gradually forming a heart shape. Propose in the center, surrounded by the spectacle.

Waterfront Orchestra

rrange for a waterfront orchestra performance along the Grand Canal. Propose during the serenade, capturing the attention of both locals and tourists.

Interactive Public Art

Install an interactive public art piece related to your love story in a popular square. Encourage people to participate, and within the interactive display.