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Embark on a magical canal cruise through the enchanting waterways of Venice, or choose a picturesque rooftop with breathtaking views of the city's iconic landmarks.

Your desires are meticulously considered: whether it’s an intimate moment with the Venetian canals as witnesses from a charming rooftop, an unforgettable helicopter ride soaring above the city, or a romantic experience by the serene waters of the Venetian canals for the world to witness. We have you covered with all the necessary tools to bring your dream proposal to life: meticulous organization, a skilled photographer, a talented videographer, exquisite decorations, and champagne to celebrate this momentous occasion. Just one click, and we’ll ensure your proposal in Venice becomes an extraordinary memory to cherish forever.

Piazza San

Sunset on the docks

Venice Carnival masked ball

Gondola Serenade